Promecap hired Kuri Breña Sánchez Ugarte y Aznar for the sale, which closed on 20 January.

González Calvillo, SC has helped Miami and Mexico City asset manager Alsis Funds acquire loan portfolios from Mexican private equity fund Promecap for 252 million pesos (US$12.3 million).

Alsis Funds structured the acquisition through a special purpose vehicle (SPV), Mabucapa, by providing the SPV with 256 million pesos (US$12.5 million) in financing.

The portfolios changing hands are comprised of loans issued by Certificados de Capital de Desarrollo (CKDs). CKDs are financial instruments introduced in 2009 that allow pension funds to invest in infrastructure.

Counsel to Promecap

Kuri Breña Sánchez Ugarte y Aznar

Partner Guillermo Garay Espinosa

Counsel to Alsis Funds and Mabucapa

González Calvillo, SC

Partner José Ignacio Rivero Andere and associate Eugenio Arnoux Arena